All new mothers deserve to have easy access to exceptional breastfeeding help.  This is exactly why I help moms virtually over the phone and via Skype.  I have been helping new moms successfully breastfeed over the phone for over 20 years and via Skype for over 5 years.  Breastfeeding will be back on track QUICKLY ~ this will NOT be a lengthy or costly process, please read my GUARANTEE.

Phone Consultations

A phone consultation is perfect for most mothers.  Phone consultations are an easy way for you to communicate with me.  I can help you easily get breastfeeding back on track and help you keep breastfeeding on track through your baby's first year.

20 minute Phone Consultation - $20.00

Unlimited Phone Consultations through baby's first year - $100.00
Click here to schedule your first Unlimited Phone Consultation appointment now.  All future phone consultations with Laurie are made directly by you, no need to schedule an appointment.

Skype/FaceTime Consultations

A Skype/FaceTime consultation is perfect for the mom who wants a 'face-to-face' consultation with me.  A Skype/FaceTime consultation allows me to see you and your baby.  Seeing you is helpful if your baby is having difficulties latching on to your breast.  A Skype/FaceTime consultation is an easy way for you to meet with me 'in-person'.  I can help you easily get breastfeeding back on track. Please watch the DEMO below.

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A Breastfeeding Help Consultation in Mom's Own Home
Breastfeeding consultation demo via SKYPE (seen on Oprah) with one of our IBCLC Lactation Consultants. New mothers schedule professional & personal virtual appts at

In the privacy of your own comfortable home or anywhere else in the world.
7 days per week
365 days per year
No recording or taping of any kind.  No sharing of information of any kind.
 Breastfed Babies are Best Fed Babies®!

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