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"Hi Laurie! I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you thank you again for your excellent support during my nursing trouble. Jolie and I went on to breastfeed until she weaned herself at 22 months. I think I would have continued, but I doubt I would have been sane or as successful. I credit your help as the deciding factor in the happiness of my breastfeeding journey. 
I am now a CLC myself, and I volunteer all my service. I remember how grateful I was  to know someone was walking with me, helping me figure it out, and I endeavor to do that in my community."
~ Anna I., Germany

"It's hard for me to condense my great experience with you into a few sentences, but I will try! I reached out to Laurie as a military spouse stationed in Germany who had exhausted all my local resources and a few back in the states.  Jolie Baby and I were 17 weeks postpartum and suffering in a breastfeeding system that just wasn't working due to tongue and lip tie revisions, low supply, incorrect latch, and torn nipples with vasospasams.  The pain was truly brutal and I was seriously considering weaning to formula even though I stubbornly refused to stop nursing.  It was a very desperate, chaotic time!

When Laurie replied to my contact form, I could just tell she had a warm heart to
help, not just to diagnose.  All our relationship was over email and her support was like a warm honey.  She is a fabulous cheerleader and her insight for my situation was very accurate and helpful.  Every nursing relationship is unique, and I felt that Laurie was really thinking hard about my specific issues; I wasn't just a number or a name on a file folder to her.  She was willing to communicate with me in the way that was most comfortable for me--email, because of the 9 hour time difference--and she never failed to reply right away.  I can't recommend her highly enough!"
~ Anna I., Germany

"I was feeling pretty lost with a 5 week old, having problems choking on milk and becoming afraid to nurse! Plus, I felt like my milk was drying up and I was worried. I was searching around on the internet and talking to people who said they knew about breastfeeding. After hearing so much contradictory information, I finally decided to look for a real expert who could work with me one on one, via Skype video from a distance. I feel so encouraged after working with you. Now, I don't feel so silly for having these issues and questions and I have a 'road map' to breastfeeding my new little firstborn. And she's already nursing SO much better! Thank you ever so much!"
~ A. Bolton, South America

"Laurie was such a wonderful help to me and is the reason I'm still nursing. I had my last baby in August and was determined to breastfeed this time. I have never been very successful before but really wanted to nurse long term. One week in I was dealing with painful oversupply and my daughter was miserable. I called Laurie in tears a few times in the first few weeks and she always calmly talked me through it and supported me. When I was ready to stop Laurie reminded me why I was so determined and told me I could do it! Nearly 9 months later I'm still nursing my daughter and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I will forever be thankful to Laurie for getting me through the hardest part."
~ Rina, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Hi, Best Fed Babies! Thank you for your happy birthday wishes yesterday! I just wanted to stop by and let you know that, thanks to your help with my first son, I am now successfully breastfeeding my second son (who will be 5 weeks old on Friday)!!"
~ Sarah, Dayton, Ohio

"I SKYPED with Laurie right after my son, Silas, turned four months. While this probably seems late in the breastfeeding game to be talking with her, it was the perfect time for me. As a first-time mom, breastfeeding has never come easily to me; I was unprepared for the 8+ weeks it would take to establish an adequate supply for a larger baby, and I was pressured by family and friends (and strangers!!) to supplement with formula. Sticking to the commitment I had made to breastfeeding, I persevered to the four-month mark, but I was then faced with new pressures and doubts: Why is he still eating all the time? Should I begin solid foods? Is it my fault that he's not sleeping through the night? What if I don't want to let him cry it out? Laurie reassured me that Silas had gained weight perfectly. She gave me advice about solid foods and sleep and, probably most importantly, she reestablished my confidence in myself and my decisions. As a new mom, it's so easy to become overwhelmed with often-conflicting information from doctors, the Internet, family members, friends and it's easy to lose sight of the motherly instinct within us. Thanks to Laurie and Virtual Breastfeeding Help, I ended the call feeling energized and reaffirmed. Before my consultation, I wasn't sure how much longer I would last. But by the time our consultation ended, I was reminded that what I am doing is the best for both my baby and me. Even though I'd been breastfeeding for months before my call, I was in dire need of the hope Laurie provided to continue. Because of this, I will excitedly recommended Virtual Breastfeeding Help to every mom or soon-to-be mom I come across, and I will keep this advocate in mind if my husband and I are lucky enough to have more children. Very sincerely, thank you, Best Fed Babies, for all that you have given to my family."
~ Kaleen, Altoona, PA

"Laurie was an exceptionally wonderful breastfeeding consultant for both of my children. Even though I am a Pediatrician I still needed assistance.  My first child was in the NICU for a week, which left me to resort to pumping to build up my milk supply. The first weeks home were challenging including a bout of terrible mastitis and a colicky baby. Laurie was amazing, was always readily available to me and gave me personal advice. With her help I remained committed, and did not give up.  I breastfed my son until he was 13 months old, and then I became pregnant with my second baby. The second time around, despite the ‘experience’ from the first, I battled clogged ducts and poor milk production from one breast, which frustrated my daughter and myself greatly. Laurie gave me the much needed personal attention during this time of great need and support. Thank you, Laurie! I could not have done it without you!
~ Naveen, Pediatrician, Brea, CA

"I had never thought I, as an intended mother, could breastfeed my twins.  While I was in the the midst of the gestational surrogacy program in India another intended mother told me about Laurie of Virtual Help.  I met with Laurie about 3 months prior to the babies' birth and I was able to have several consultations with her from India after the babies were born.  I think this is wonderful.  I have access to Laurie wherever I am - even in India (and Missouri,too).  Thank you so much for helping me breastfeed my little boy and my little girl."
~ Saundra, Kansas City, MO

 "My Best Fed Babies lactation consultant, Laurie, was so helpful when I was having some breastfeeding trouble with my third baby. Laurie was so calm and determined to make my feeding experience for myself and my baby the best possible. When you are having feeding issues there is nothing more assuring to know that there is someone like  who is totally there for you!"
~ Christina, Sierra Madre, CA

"Laurie Haessly is a godsend for nursing mothers.  She is truly an expert in her field, and she loves what she does for a living. I learned about Laurie after my second baby was 4 months old; I thought I knew what I was doing in regards to nursing, but I found myself back at work, pumping several times per day, and my milk supply was diminishing. I panicked.  My consultations with Laurie via Virtual Breastfeeding helped me immensely.  My milk supply returned to normal, and I am still happily supplying breast milk for my 8 month old. I wish I had known about Laurie with my first baby, when latching on was a true challenge. Now I tell every pregnant woman I know about Laurie and www.virtualbreastfeedinghelp.com.  My standard gift now for my friends and family members having babies is a 'Virtual Consultation Gift Certificate'!"
~ Emily, Physician Assistant, Los Angeles, CA

 "Thank you, Laurie, for you help after my baby was born. You do not realize how much your service means to me.  I thought I knew what I was doing but I struggled until I was told by my daughter's pediatrician to contact you.  I was unable to leave the house and you were a godsend. Not only did you help me with latch-on problems you referred me back to my OB to have thyroid testing done.  I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  Thanks to your wealth of knowledge and experience I am now on medication and have achieved a full milk supply.  Mommy and baby are both very happy now!"
~ Dani, Santa Helena, CA

"For the rest of my life I will forever be grateful for Kathy.  Nothing could compare to what she did for me and my daughter.  Without her help I may have given up several times on breastfeeding!  Definitely one of my greatest accomplishments and I have her to thank.  The very 1st time Kathy met with me and my baby was in the middle of the night.  She drove at least 30 minutes to come and help us.  Ry was only a few days old, she wouldn't stop crying.  Kathy to the rescue!  Come to find out she wasn't latching on right and wasn't getting any milk!  For several weeks we struggled with it, Kathy was so patient with us and stopped by and checked in often with us, until finally got it!   We ended up nursing for 18 months!  Kathy is very passionate about what she does and it shows from the bottom of her heart!  Thank you Kathy!"  
~Amy and Rylynn, Moreno Valley, CA

"Breastfeeding has always been a goal of mine.  I've always wanted to bond with my baby.  After having our son, breastfeeding was a little painful for me.  Erik was latching but I think we both were uncomfortable.  The nurses at the hospital tried to help but what they suggested, like the football hold, wasn't working for us and they kept pushing it and wouldn't listen to what the problem was.  They never took the time to work with us.  Mu toes would curl every time I would get ready to nurse.  I called Kathy to our home and she immediately saved us!  We lost the Boppy and she got us in a comfortable position. Erik latched on th where I hardly noticed him there! I was so sad to see her leave, but with her help we did it!  I was able to nurse for 13 months just like I wanted.  Kathy also showed us alternatives to nursing and pumping like hand expressing, which I did often. I felt so blessed and fortunate to have had her there! I was also able to text or call her if I had any questions and she was always so helpful.  I see how women can shy away from nursing.  I was afraid I would let the pain get in the way. Kathy is a blessing."
~Whitney and Erik, San Diego, CA

1,2,3,4 and 5!!! Yep, Kathleen has helped me successfully nurse all 5 of my babies for 2 years each.  I couldn't be more grateful for her patience, professionalism and encouragement.  My first son was my hardest and me being a new mom I did not realize he had a shallow latch.  I contacted Kathleen and right away she was able to fix the latch for me.  She continued to check in on us over the following weeks.  After my first experience, I knew I was going to need her again when I had my second baby.  Over the years of working with Kathleen I found that I became more confident with nursing.  Even with confidence, I always knew if there was something I could't figure out, all I would need to do was reach out to Kathleen and she would know just what to do.  Thank you so much Kathleen!
~Natasha and Mason, Rylee, Abel, Briar and Sadie, Moreno Valley, CA

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