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Virtual Lactation Consultations

It's easy to set up a consultation within 24 hours:

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~ Choose a individual consultation or a consultation package.

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Face-to-Face Consultations

On-Line Face-to-Face Consultations (via FaceTime, Facebook Messenger Video, Skype, What'sApp, etc) are perfect for the mom to be and mom who wants to enjoy a prenatal or lactation consultation in the comfort and safety of her own home. Face-to-Face Consultations are an easy way for you to meet with Laurie or Kathleen 'in-person'.  Face-to-Face Consultations allow us to see you and your baby just as we would in a in-person lactation clinic. We will help you easily get breastfeeding back on track.

Unlimited Consultation Packages

Consultation Packages are our most popular and most affordable services. With the Unlimited On-Line Face-to-Face Consultations you will have unlimited access to your personal IBCLC, either Laurie or Kathleen. Lactation Consultations can include:

~ Re-lactation

~ Breastfeeding difficulties and challenges

~ Low milk supply concerns

~ Low or slow weight gain

~ Pumping and storing breastmilk

~ Individualized plan for returning back to work or  

    school (including State and National Breastfeeding  

    Laws and Your Rights)

~ Transition to motherhood and confidence building

~ Medication safety for mother and/or baby

~ Separation of mother and baby

~ Sleep deprivation and feeling overwhelmed

~ Baby wearing

~ Managing information overload

~ Baby's growth spurts

~ Tips for choosing a breastfeeding-friendly child care 


~ Mom's safe weight loss

~ Bottle feeding

~ Teething concerns

~ Introduction to solid foods

~ Weaning


We Also Offer In-Person Consultations 


​Moms2Moms Support Groups in Northern Arizona

Contact Us

Virtual Consultation Contact Form

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